Made a musicvideo for the dutch artist Shook to his incredible song "Infinite".

The video tells the story of Shook who is piloting a ship in space. He is flying to an utopian planet called "Spectrum" (Shook's second album). Unexpectedly a giant star explodes and its shockwaves forces Shook to land on another different and unknown planet. When he wakes up he doesn't know where he is, the planet looks empty, no trees. His ship is damaged, the only thing left is his piano. So he walks to his piano, and he plays it... (no more spoilers now, see the video instead :D)

It began with Shook showing me the plot for the video. The plot is a small part of a much bigger story told trough out Shook's the albums. This resulted in weeks of discussion where we discussed every little detail of the Shook lore and universe relevant for the video. I sketched some concept arts and finally a full storyboard of all of our visions.

I got asked to do the video in pixelart similar to my game. I thought it sounded interesting to try doing a cinematic sfi-fi music video in pixelart. And so I did! A month later of long, long days and nights this is what I got. And I must say it was a real challenge trying to get the pixelart to look good in this form and not just look like a movie with low resolution.