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A game I currently develop.

A World Within is a story based adventure game where you explore a mysterious, odd and beautiful world. Trough surrealistic visuals and heartrending music it aims tell a story of something beyond, something incomprehensible and something meaningful. Inspired by work as ICO, Nausicaä, Tarkovsky, Akira, Link to the past and Final Fantasy IX.

The game tells a story of a young woman living in a peaceful town on top of an enormous tower. When earthquake frequently starts to hit the town everything changes. Within the population conflicts start to arise. A radical party takes control and the order in the city is out of hand. Play as the pacifistic young woman and try to save your hometown by diving deep in to the conflict and finding it's roots

The story is the main focus of the game; it’s complex, nonlinear and hopefully exciting and breathtaking. Some of the themes I want to focus on is pacifism, social structures, reality and surrealism. A totally crazy mix! My feminism values is deeply placed in the core of this fantasy world I’ve build.

The gameplay heavily establish itself around the player’s curiosity of exploring the vast world that one is thrown in to. It’s a story-based adventure game with a lot of platform and puzzle elements. It runs best with a game pad cause it is no slow point and click game, more like a modern Link to the past.

A World Within is a 2D adventure game that takes the best of the fun old 16-bits games but does it with modern mechanics. With todays computer strength it’s possible to create pixel worlds on a much grander scale!

Exploration: To go forward in the world takes a lot of brain power. In order to progress one needs to solve mysteries and keep close tabs on how the environment changes. There are many doors locked and hidden passageways.

Platform: You can walk, run, jump, climb, throw, duck and all the other basic abilities necessary for making it feel like you fully control the player. You’ll need to master these skills to get trough in to the game.

Co-op multiplayer: Experience an adventure together is always greater! This could be done, but isn't implemented yet.

A simple piano version of one of the many tracks written for the game:

The music is a big part of this game. As it's setting the mood for the whole game. I have longed my whole life for creating a video game soundtrack and trough my years, I have made numerous songs that I'm finally getting use for! I will compose the soundtrack together with Max Hall. A friend and musician whom I’ve create music together with for over ten years! The music is highly inspired by the masterpieces of Nobuo Uematsu.


Official poster for the game. Buy a print of the poster here (limit of 25 pieces).

In the ancient ruins

Map of the city at the top of the tower

Sketch of the tower

The two main characters .




The game is in a prototype phase, with all the main systems and framework finished and the first chapter fully playable. The things left to do is just to follow the schedule. Make the remaining chapters and assets to fill up the world. Looking for people to develop this project further with, cause I can't and won't do it by myself. Contact me if you are the one! Most of all I'm looking for a producer that could take over a great amount of the workload and responsibilities.

Random sketches from the development of the game.

Article in the swedish magazine LEVEL.